Sunday, October 23, 2011

You Do The Math - Crime And Punishment

When a high school football player is paralyzed for life during the game, and he'll be in a wheelchair, be in pain, have dozens of bad side effects, possibly never have children or a wife, none of the masochistic, psychopathic defensive football players (or their coaches) are sent to prison. In fact, local players, students, and citizens raise thousands of dollars for the victim and his current and future medical expenses. Two weeks after the injury, his team pauses their game before kicking an extra point, and possibly causes the loss of the game, because they decided to stop scoring any more points when they reached 26. The victim's number was 26.

When a young man runs on the field in a referee's outfit during a college football game, only to strip to his undies, and run around topless, wasting 3 minutes of everybody's time, he gets tackled hard by the cops, probably losing some skin, his face is pushed into the astroturf while cops lean on his head, he's arrested, spends the night in jail and finally charged with a felony that could land him a year and a half in prison.

And in the same game the two teams get in a brawl, but nobody gets arrested or faces charges. Off the playing field, this is assault and battery, and gets you years in jail, possibly.

Where's the math in this episode of You Do The Math? Nowhere, because without brains, the football hierarchy and the law can't do math.

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