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You Do The Math - Concealed Carry Killers

So, I'm reading an old news article that says concealed carry permits in the US have climbed to 6 million citizens.  Here's the article from June 24th, 2010 at MS NBC:

Colt .45 Peacemaker, a big gun!

Later in the article there is mention of a gun control group called the Violence Policy Center, and they claim that since May of 2007 to the printing of this MSNBC article, there were 139 gun murders carried out by concealed carry permit holders.  Of these 139 deaths, 13 were mass slayings.  This means that fewer than 139 concealed carry permit holders committed murders.  But, we'll go with the HIGHEST possible number, 139.

Doing the math:   139 divided by 6 million = .00002316

Flip this over (take the reciprocal):

1 divided by .00002316 =  43,165.5

This means less than 1 out of every 43,165 concealed carry permit holders killed someone.

Dirty Harry had a bigger gun, a .44 caliber Magnum

Remember, those 139 deaths were from May of 2007 to June of 2010, the writing of the MSNBC article.  So, it took 3 years for all these murders to take place.

But, here's the rub.  How many gun deaths are there from people who do NOT have concealed gun carry permits?  Basically, the other 300 million of us?

According to the World Almanac, a thick book that comes out every year, and is chock full of US statistics from the Department of Commerce (Census Bureau), the Department of Justice (FBI), Department of Agriculture, and so on, total murders and non-negligent homicides reported by the FBI in the US have dropped steadily from about 21,000 in 1988, to about 17,000 in 1998.  It has hovered around 15,500 to 17,000 a year from 1998 to 2007, where it totaled 16,929.

This includes knife murders, hammer murders, gun murders, baseball bat murders, etc.  In 2007 the population was 301,621,157 in the US.  Subtract those 6 million concealed carry permit holders, and divide by the total homicides:

(301,621,157 - 6,000,000) / 16,929 = 17,462.4

So, 1 out of every 17,462 citizens committed a murder in 2007.  That's a lot higher rate than concealed carry permit holders.  Divide 43,165.5 by 17,462.4 and we see that a citizen WITHOUT a permit to carry a concealed weapon is 2.5 times more likely to kill someone.

Bigger still, the .50 caliber Magnum
But, since there were 139 murders in 3 years, perpetrated by concealed carry permit holders, that works out to 46.33 a year.  Divide 16,929 by 46.33 and we see you are 365 times MORE likely to be murdered by a citizen without a concealed carry permit.

Not including auto accidents.  There are another 10,000 to 20,000 people killed in collisions with other vehicles each year.  Dividing the total 301 million population by 15,000, we get 1 out of every 20,108 people will kill someone else with a car, truck, van or semi.  That's 2.15 times higher than the concealed carry permit holders' homicide rate.

And 15,000 divided by 46.33 is 323.76, so you are 324 times more likely to be killed by a car, truck or van than by a concealed carry permit holder in any given year.

In fact, suicide in the US was 32,185 in 2006.  In 2006 the population was less:

299.801 million / 32,185 = 9,314.9

Divide 43,165 by 9,315 and we see you are 4.6 times more likely to kill yourself than a concealed carry permit holder is to shoot and kill ANYONE.  Wow!   You are the most evil statistic yet.

Biggest?  28 mm diameter is over 1.10 caliber!

Divide 32,185 by 46.33, and we see you are 695 times more likely to kill yourself than be killed by a concealed carry permit holder in any given year (2006 to be specific).

In fact, you are more likely to back over and kill a child in your own driveway than be killed by someone with a concealed carry permit.

With statistics like these, you should be locked up and bound in a straight jacket long before a concealed carry permit holder should loose her gun holster.

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