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Weights - Big and Small

What's heavier, a skyscraper or an ocean cruise liner?
a flying fox or a walking fox?
the Eiffel Tower or a drag line excavator?
a mig 17 fighter jet or an elephant seal?
a Sperm Whale or the paint on the Eiffel Tower?
Oasis Of The Seas
Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)
You'll be surprised to find out.

Many of these numbers come from cable TV, but are verified or BUSTED with a Smithsonian book on animals, Car&Driver, Road&Track, NASA,, Motorcyclist Magazine, Cycle World, and many more resources.  Some of these resorces are independent web sites dedicated to a particular item, such as the Big Muskie excavator.  However, not all numbers are confirmed or denied, such as the average American airline passenger.  Some numbers are so well documented, they are appear "everywhere", such as the Little Boy and Fat Man nukes dropped on Japan.  Even so, the numbers vary!  So, I either picked an average or a maximum.

Fennec Fox

      2 grams      Bee Hummingbird (lightest)
      5 grams      smallest bats
    19 grams      Giant Hummingbird (largest, heaviest)
28.35 grams =  1 ounce

Flying Fox

      4 ounces    eastern chipmunk
    16 ounces = 1 pound

Mig 17 at Dayton Air Show 2013

      1 pound      Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit
  1.6 pounds    eastern grey squirrel
3.25 pounds    Fennec fox, Blanford's fox
  3.5 pounds    Indian Flying Fox (heaviest bat)
  5.5 pounds    Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl
      7 pounds    Madamoiselle Crane (smallest crane)
7.75 pounds    Sand Cat (smallest)
    14 pounds    Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle
    15 pounds    European hare, arctic hare
    20 pounds    Harpy Eagle
    22 pounds    Common Turkey
    24 pounds    Red Fox
    35 pounds    Coyote
    44 pounds    Kori bustard (one of the largest flying birds)
    77 pounds    Eurasian beaver

Southern Elephant Seal
Why are animals so heavy?  Scroll to the end to see why.

  115 pounds    roof glass on Porsche 911 Targa
  130 pounds    Grey Wolf
  190 pounds    average American airline passenger
  200 pounds    Red Kangaroo, Mountain Lion (cougar)
  250 pounds    dirt bike, green anaconda (heaviest snake)
  280 pounds    Giant panda
  346 pounds    Ostrich (heaviest flightless bird)
  430 pounds    sport motorcycle
  460 pounds    Eastern Gorilla
  550 pounds    male Lion
  660 pounds    Siberian Tiger, American Black Bear
  800 pounds    Great Hammerhead shark
  860 pounds    California Sea Lion
1000 pounds    Moose, horse, heart of blue whale
1100 pounds    Bottlenose Dolphin
1200 pounds    Boss Hoss v-8 powered motorcycle
1850 pounds    Smart Car
1950 pounds    Honda Insight
2000 pounds = 1 ton

Big Muskie drag line excavator

          1 ton      Saltwater Crocodile, Nile Crocodile
          1 ton      Bison, Bald Eagle's nest, Manta Ray
        1.1 tons    Brown Bear, Polar Bear (before global warming), Cessna 170 mtow
      1.25 tons    Titanoboa (largest snake fossil)
        1.5 tons    Toyota Prius and midsized cars
      1.65 tons    Samson, heaviest horse
        1.7 tons   Giraffe
          2 tons    big sedan, midsized pickup truck, minivan
      2.25 tons    Walrus, Chevy Blazer, Great White shark
          3 tons    van, large SUV, large pickup truck
        3.5 tons    Hummer H1 and H2
          4 tons    Ford Excursion
          5 tons    P-51D Mustang fully loaded
          5 tons    Blue Stones at Stonehenge
        5.5 tons   Southern Elephant Seal
        5.5 tons   piston + connecting rod in Wartsilla engine of Cosco Long Beach cargo ship
        6.7 tons    Mig 17 mtow
      7.75 tons    African Elephant
        8.5 tons    F-86 Sabre mtow
        10 tons    Cap Stones at Stonehenge
        11 tons    Killer Whale
        11 tons    3.6 meter ESO mirror at Las Silla
    11.25 tons    A-4 Skyhawk mtow
    11.75 tons    Whale Shark

Dynapac cc722 Roller weighs almost as much as the huge Dragon Dreams Airship

          17 tons   Dynapac CC722 Roller
          18 tons   Dragon Dreams Airship
        23 tons    8.2 meter ESO VLT mirror at La Silla
      26.1 tons    Hitachi tree cutter/stripper

The water load of the Martin Mars weighs as much as the B-17 Flying Fortress
        30 tons    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress mtow
        30 tons    Martin Mars water bomber's load of water
        33 tons    Humpback Whale
        40 tons    Stainless steel on Chrysler Building
        40 tons    Sarsen (vertical) Stones at Stonehenge
        45 tons    rail car mover (tug boat for trains)
        50 tons    Martin Mars water bomber (empty)
        55 tons    bucket on Busirus Erie excavator
        55 tons    Supersaurus dinosaur
        60 tons    paint on Eiffel Tower
        63 tons    Sperm whale
        67 tons    smart bomb load on B-1 bomber
      67.5 tons    B-29 Superfortress mtow
        70 tons    weight the Busirus Eerie bucket can hold
        71 tons    P+H 4100 excavator
        87 tons    Boeing 737 mtow

Eiffel Tower

      100 tons    male blue whale
      102 tons    Space Shuttle with re-entry payload
      200 tons    female blue whale (heaviest whale)
      220 tons    B1-B supersonic bomber fully loaded
      244 tons    Cleopatra's Needle
      250 tons    C-17 Globemaster mtow
      300 tons    crankshaft in Wartsilla engine of Cosco Long Beach cargo ship
      320 tons    load of Komatsu 930-E dump truck
      400 tons    Corning Asahi smokestack
      400 tons    Stainless steel on the Burj Kalifa
      432 tons    KVLY TV mast
      455 tons    Boeing 747 mtow
      650 tons    Airbus A380 mtow, Stratolaunch
      660 tons    Antonov An225 mtow (heaviest plane)
      700 tons    Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro
      720 tons    Mass damper (iron ball) in Taipei 101 skyscraper
      800 tons    Komatsu PC800 excavator
      837 tons     Dallas Cowboys Stadium moveable roof panel
      900 tons    Stainless steel on the St. Louis Gateway Arch
    1,000 tons    Daily water supply of the Burj Khalifa
    1,000 tons    roof of Dallas Cowboys Stadium
    1,200 tons    Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) of Shanghai Tower
    2,245 tons    Space Shuttle with fuel tank & solid rocket boosters
    3,000 tons    giant sequoia, NASA crawler truck

    3,100 tons    Saturn 5 rocket (to the Moon)
    3,200 tons    each arch at Dallas Cowboys Stadium
    3,500 tons    Bucyrus Erie drag-line excavator
    4,000 tons    Egyptian 40 warship
    5,500 tons    Big Brutus excavator
    7,000 tons    Port Kembla copper smelting smokestack, Australia
    7,300 tons    steel in Eiffel Tower
    9,500 tons    Phoenix Cardinals moving football field
  10,000 tons    Rialto Bridge in Venice
  10,100 tons    Eiffel Tower total weight
  14,000 tons    Big Muskie drag line excavator
  14,000 tons    MV Fairplayer cargo ship's cargo
  15,650 tons    Bagger 293, aka Man Takraf RB293 bucket wheel excavator
  16,000 tons    Estelle Maersk cargo ship's cargo
  17,000 tons    several hours of Bucyrus Erie's earth moving
  20,000 tons    TNT equivalent of each WWII nuke
  30,000 tons    Anchor of Trans America building, San Francisco, CA
  40,000 tons    Meteorites striking Earth annually
  42,000 tons    Beijing National Stadium "bird's nest"
  44,000 tons    Humber Bridge's road surface (7th longest suspension bridge)
  52,310 tons    Titanic

Titanic vs. modern cruise liner

  55,000 tons    cargo of MV Paul R. Tregurtha cargo ship
  72,000 tons    Cosco Long Beach cargo ship
  95,000 tons    USS Ronald Reagan Nimitz Class aircraft carrier
110,000 tons    Carnival Freedom ocean liner
150,000 tons    Anchor of each tower of Golden Gate Bridge
173,000 tons    Estelle Maersk cargo ship deadweight
220,000 tons    Oasis Of The Sea cruise ship
222,500 tons    Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) Chicago
287,300 tons    Roman Colosseum's outer wall of travertine and iron clamps
832,000 tons    Shanghai Tower  (6,500 tons x 128 floors = 832,000 tons)
880,000 tons    just the concrete in the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Sperm Whale in 1913 with whalers

1.5 million tons   conventional bombs dropped on Nazis in WWII
   6 million tons   Great Pyramid of Giza
6.6 million tons   Hoover Dam
 20 million tons   TNT equivalent of a modern nuke
130 million tons   water per second of Antarctic Circumpolar Current
700 million tons   hydrogen burned per second by the sun
  75 million tons   Three Gorges Dam concrete (concrete only, 1 billion cu ft)

    7 billion tons    particles per second shot out from the Sun's corona
<1 billion="" cu="" feet="" p=""> 115 billion tons    water entering Bay Of Fundy per tide

  12 trillion tons    all the water in the atmosphere

5.6 quadrillion tons  Earth's atmosphere in 2008

  81 quintillion tons  The Moon

Why are animals so heavy?   Because animals are mostly water, and water is 1000 kilograms per cubic meter.  And a thousand kilograms is 2200 pounds!  If there's a creature the size of a cubic yard, it will weigh around 1650 pounds.  A big southern elephant seal can hit 5.5 tons if it's 5 cubic meters, which is a meter wide, a meter tall, and 5 meters long (16.4 feet).

Why does the P-51 Mustang weigh less, despite it's 32 foot length and 37 foot wingspan?  Well, it's got a lot of air inside that space, and air is more like 1.2 kilograms per cubic meter, a whopping 833 times less dense.  And gasoline is 6 pounds per gallon, while water is 8.34 pounds, so a wing full of fuel is probably less dense than water, despite the fact aluminum is about 2.5 times as dense as water.

This is why your car can be swept away by a flood that is only a couple feet deep.  Two feet of water times the 17 foot length of a large car times the 6 foot width is 204 cubic feet.  This "foot print" of water weighs 12,718 pounds.  That's 3.4 times heavier than a typical 3700 pound large sedan.  Imagine a 100 pound girl getting in the way of a 340 pound sumo wrestler.  Addio ragazza!

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